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Client Testimonials

"Thank you again! You were amazing and made it so comfortable. I greatly appreciate you. Thank you for taking time to ask my needs as well! I am telling you. The comfort I felt was through the roof. I've never felt that vulnerable in my entire life. In a positive way!"

"The best massage I've had in my life. Pre-assessment at each visit to focus on your needs. I have scoliosis with rods from my neck to sacrum and have really stiff, painful neck and hip joints. I can actually stand up straight after a 60 min. massage session. Such a healing touch but emotional healing also. Thank you, Kate."

"I love that you asked what my specific needs were and certain areas I needed work on. It felt much more personal and not like i was just another client. the ambience was so meditative and the gentle, meaningful care throughout the whole experience was perfect. thank you!"

"Great experience. I would recommend you to anybody."

"Kate begins working with her clients by discovery of where they are in the intuitive process of health, a never-ending balancing act. Kate has the healing hands that folks are looking for in a massage therapist. Calming down the nerves and muscles in a soft, gentle, firm and engaging way is exactly what I think most people look for when they want the health benefits of massage. Kate delivers that kind of session."

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