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Therapeutic Aspect

It used to be that nature was my sole inspiration for anything in life. In hours spent alone in the woods I found hope, creativity, and ideas. Now, I also draw from another well, where the therapeutic relationship exists.

It's so deep.

I find it... ever-expanding. Magic. A shimmering mosaic. The waters of togetherness, body-based communication, and this feeling of wellness that can feel so medicinal, so reminiscent of ancient community relational healing.

What is the therapeutic aspect of bodywork?

I think it is that whole, round, vessel-to-vessel focus. Mind, hands, heart of the practitioner turned toward the human before them. It's having the space to explore the width of a sensation, and not only the length. In the therapeutic aspect, the session is not bound by its time and instead expands into the heart, the week, the memory system of your body.

I cherish the ever-deepening therapeutic relationships clients and I build. They are all different. They all inspire me. And each session unfurls new meaning-making and understanding for a body. Of course, I will never know a body perfectly, because you change. The same could be said about knowing ourselves. We don't have to know ourselves perfectly, because we change.

(Things I learn from you).

My daily ode to bodywork. Thank you. ♥️


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