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Visualization: Morning in the Country

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Place yourself in a comfortable shape. You might be seated, or laying down with pillows to support you. When you are there, close your eyes or lower your gaze, and really take your time to come into this shape - feel the parts of your body that contact the ground or chair, allow them to get heavy and full of your weight. At the same time, notice how your skeleton shape supports the flesh, muscle, blood, and nerves of your body. All the way from your toes, up your legs and to the hips, back, shoulders, both arms, and head. As you become aware of how your body holds you, you may notice an area of body that seems to be tense, braced, or tight. Allow your hands to travel to that part, apply some gentle compression to let yourself know you are safe, and take a few breaths directed toward that spot. No need to manage it, just finding a sense of security with it. Deep inhales into the belly, and releasing exhales through the throat. Let yourself sink into the present moment, and say to yourself: I am safe, and I am held. Your body is supportive and you release into it, going inward.

It is the early morning, and you’re sitting on a cabin porch swing. The dawn sun is warming the chilled air...It’s a golden, hazy, beautiful morning. Delicate cobwebs are draped on the dewy intricate and mesmerizing web laces itself on the corner beams of the porch...beads of moisture so gently collect on the silk. The porch swing softly creaks as you shift the swing to and fro...forward and back…your breath comes out as clouds of moisture. Your body is warm.

The sun rises slowly and rich, like honey. The morning sky seems to hold it, savor it. Just beyond the porch is an old dock leading to a small lake...morning mist lingers over the water’s surface. Geese on the distant waters coo. Reeds and cattail sway and rustle...full, leafy trees dot the banks edges; branches bowing toward their reflection in the water.

Next to the lake is a pasture with cows. They quietly graze… you watch their breath create fleeting, misty clouds, just like your own.

There on the porch swing is peace. The morning chorus of birds and insects sing and you feel welling within you deep trust that all is well. The interconnection you have with the morning, the water, the grass, and all creatures is eternal and comforting...keep this with you in your body as you breathe, in and and out...


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