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Connection & Compassion

It's been a special past few weeks being an LMT. Recently a new client and I shared a very special and trusting connection and we both finished the session with our cups just so full.

Since I first experienced the nourishment of therapeutic touch, most and if not all days I think about the role and sacrality of connection. As I grow as a therapist + human, a deep sense of tender compassion washes through every part of my life. It ebbs and flows within me.

Human touch is compassion. I tend to view this work with depth beyond what's going on in the physical plane. Yes, the kneading of muscles is delicious, stretching feels wonderful, pain relief is deserved. But when I am with another human in this way, what is happening is focused, intentional, and undivided compassion in a very raw form. I imagine it washing over the other person, through my hands.

To co-create a space where the everyday suffering + joy can be tended to with a practice of safety, trust, and love is an incredible thing to do. This is why I think massage therapy is healing: Beyond the tender body is the tender heart and the contact of our skin is really the contact of our hearts.


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