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New books I've ordered tell a little about where I come from as a practitioner.

~"Holding Space" by Amanda Dobra Hope. This centers on honoring the sacred, organic content that arises in relationship.

~"Dermo Neuro Modulating: Manual Treatment for Peripheral Nerves and Especially Cutaneous Nerves" by Diane Jacobs. This is an evidence-based framework for body therapy that aligns with modern pain science.

They differ from one another in many ways, yet meet along the humanistic and relational aspect of bodywork.

This multifaceted approach is what I believe in: Both the unspoken, subtle realm of togetherness//energy as well as being informed by science and method.

There is room for both.

When it comes to bodywork, rather than following a sometimes oppressive binary of right/wrong, clinical science/subtle energy, I like welcoming both, and seeing what unfolds. Why not allow space for the body's breadth of possibilities and its complexities, nuances, changes, and feeling?

It's like yin/yang. Spirit/science. Fluidity/method. Not either/or, but both/and.


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