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Visualization: Ocean Peace

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Lie down comfortable, or sit in a way that allows you to let go and relax. Give yourself a few moments to breathe your present thoughts away, clearing space to focus on being present in your body. Whenever a thought pattern comes to you, take a breath in to acknowledge it as a shape filled with thought, and as you exhale breathe the shape away, knowing if you need to you can return to it after this time.

Imagine yourself walking in the desert on a hot day. All is still, there is no wind. The only sound is that of the crunch of soil under your feet as you walk. There is no sense of how long you have been walking. There is a high wall that you come across and in the wall, a small door. You go through that door and discover inside a garden...birds singing...beautiful shady trees. You explore the garden and come to a well with butterflies dancing around the top; look inside the is very deep...a cylindrical tunnel boring into utter darkness. A spiral stairway twists around the start walking down the well tunnel...look up and see the circle of light at the top of the well. From holes in the walls you hear the sounds of small animals...squeaks and rustling sounds; now you are completely surrounded by feel your way along the walls. The walls are damp and mossy. Large eyes gaze out at you and blink shut...there is the beating of wings and the hoot of an owl. You pass through a cloud of luminous insects...completely are surrounded by these but none ever touch you…the dampness of the walls… the descension.

There is a dim light below. You reach the bottom, run through a tunnel and come out on a golden beach…rustling palm trees. Transparent water....a golden beach on the shore of an infinite ocean of peace and bliss. The waves are very quiet, but you can hear them as they move gently and calmly. On the water a large white lotus flower is rocked gently by the waves...on the flower there is a baby lying, and that baby is you...feel yourself as that baby, rocking gently on the waters of an infinite ocean. You, as a baby, rocking gently on the water...experience the sound of the infinite ocean...the sound of the ocean.

Feeling At peace. Allow yourself to experience this deep feeling, and all of the aspects of peace - calmness, tranquility, relief, love - notice your body's natural reaction. Warmth washing through you, mouth spreading into a smile, easy breaths. Continue feeling your body sensations as long as you can. Feel that this expansiveness is your reality. Believe that this is your reality.


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