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30, 60, 75, and 90 minute appointments: What should I choose?

"Do I schedule a 30, 60, 75, or 90 minute appointment?"

Any length of time for a massage is client-centered and can be adjusted in the moment to better suit your needs and preferences. It's therapeutic in the sense that it's meant to be for you. Time can also shape your experience.

•30: If you have a specific body-centered need that you want addressed and are interested in therapy for only that, try 30 minutes. This might look like 30 minutes dedicated to soothing an aching back, or spending the massage addressing a hamstring injury.

•60: This is a great opportunity to find peace and to have your body therapeutically addressed in a more whole sense. If you're new to massage therapy or trying a new therapist, I recommend trying 60 minutes as an introduction to bodywork or to a new-to-you therapist's techniques and energy.

•75: A 75 minute massage provides time to be more focused with areas you would like more attention, while still incorporating touch for the rest of your body. Many clients feel a deeper sense of letting go with the extra 15 minutes. If you want to integrate more attention on a certain area while receiving a whole-body experience, a 75 minute massage is a great option.

•90: 90 minutes is truly a place of depth. There is space to drop in, to practice with your nervous system exploring safety in being s l o w, and the opportunity to be a bit more mindful of your internal rhythm and your felt-sensing. An extra 30 minutes can often open a different door for clients as well as the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and client, as bodywork is a relational experience with touch/response/adjust, ebb/flow, offer/receive/listen/pause. Sinking into this rich-like-honey, deeper internal rhythm of trust and biofeedback and connection can take time. Each experience for each client is different, and I do highly recommend booking a 90 minute massage with a trusted practitioner at some point.


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