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Grief Massage

“To love is to accept the rites of grief.” -Francis Weller

Being human is to know the deep valleys of grief. Being human now is to navigate those valleys in a culture that values overcoming and dominating grief rather than experiencing, and supporting one another, along its wild edge.

I am here for you. Grief Massage is my offering of support: A validating space for your grief, a safe space for you to rest, a place where you are held and allowed to be, in your tenderness and rawness. This table is for you to collapse upon. It is an alter to the depths of your humanity.

Is Grief Massage for me?

Grief is a wide and deep sea, and experiences of grief cannot be ranked. I do not judge your grief. As such, this work is not limited to bereavement. Life brims with the waters of grief: The death of a loved one or someone close, a beloved animal’s passing, an ended relationship, the loss of childhood, aching memories of times past, nature’s haunting, shifting cycles. What is grief to you is welcomed in my safe space.

How is Grief Massage different than regular massage?

There is nothing easy about grief. Grief is work and it is stressful, and so we experience grief not only emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, but also physically. In understanding that grief might restructure your life, massage therapy can be restructured for the grieving body. Grief Massage exists to provide support and offer comfort to your physical symptoms of grieving. It is important to understand that Grief Massage does not aim to “fix” or “heal” your grief or your physical symptoms. However, Grief Massage can offer a supportive reprieve from the hard work your grieving body is doing, and be an affirming space to hold your vulnerable heart-wound.

How can I schedule a Grief Massage appointment?

Grief is a personal and unique experience for each of us. To offer you and your grief a personalized experience, I ask that potential Grief Massage clients schedule a phone call with me prior to booking an appointment. To do so, please send an email to with the subject, "Groef Massage". I will respond to your email and together we will find the best time to schedule a phone call. I will enter it into my booking system, and you will receive a reminder text. I will call you at your booked time. Phone calls typically last for around 20 minutes and serve as an opportunity to connect prior to a massage therapy appointment, and establish a sense of trust and safety.

Rates for Grief Massage reflect regular therapeutic massage rates.

Please reach out! Available by text, phone call, and email


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