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Commonly Asked Questions

Where are you located? 

301 E Stroop Rd, Dayton

I am across the street from the Town & Country Shopping Center in Kettering. My front door faces Stroop and is behind the large tree in the front yard. You may park in the front parking lot or on the side street (Delaine).


What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and credit/debit cards. Please note there is a processing fee for card transactions.

What should I bring or wear to my massage?

Simply, bring yourself. It's always nice to have a comfortable set of clothes to wear afterwards. You may also choose to remain fully or partially clothed during your massage if you would like. 

Should I arrive early?

You are welcome to come in early! I will have the door unlocked 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment. If you are a new client, I encourage you to arrive about 10 minutes early to complete intake and consent forms.

Should I tip you?

Gratuity is not necessary but will be accepted if offered. Accessibility to massage therapy is something I've thought about for some time now. Bodywork has an unspoken and unclear culture of tipping that can bring discomfort, expectation, and inaccessibility into a therapeutic space. I don't look at clients differently if they do or don't tip.

Are your spaces wheelchair accessible?

Yes! There is a wheelchair ramp in the back of my building, the bathroom is ADA accessible, and my therapy room is spacious and accommodating. My massage table can be lowered for your safety and security. I am comfortable working with and learning about any ability a client may have. 

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